zondag 20 maart 2011

Muammar Al Gathafi: The Green Book

Ooit wachtend op de aansluiting van vluchten in Tripoli zocht ik iets te lezen... er was niets behalve het Groene Boekje over de derde weg tussen kapitalisme en socialisme die De Grote Leider ons aanwijst: de oplossing van de problemen van de democratie, de oplossing van de economische problemen en de sociale basis voor de Derde Universele Theorie. Kortom de oplossing van Alles.

Ik heb heerlijke uren beleefd, het is een boek dat op een totaal andere manier denkt, maar eerlijk gezegd is er soms werkelijk geen touw aan vast te knopen. http://www.algathafi.org/html-english/index.htm

Het boekje heb ik bewaard als een kleinood... hierbij de citaten die De Grote Leider zelf accentueert:

  • No representation of the people - representation is a falsehood
  • Parliament is a governing body in absentia
  • Representative assemblies are a misrepresentation of democracy
  • The party system aborts democracy
  • He who elects te be a partisan betrays society
  • A political party represents a portion of the people, but the sovereignty of the people is indivisible
  • A political party rules in the name of the people, but in truth there is no representation in lieu of the people
  • Referendums make a mockery of democracy
  • Individuals must have the opportunity to justify their opinions
  • There is no democracy without people's conferences
  • Committees everywhere
  • Man's freedom is one and the same throughout the world
  • Natural law is the logical law for man
  • Democracy is popular rule not popular expression
  • Those who are strongest in society govern
  • Wage earners are a kind of slave, even if their wages improve
  • The ultimate solution is to abolish the wage system
  • In need no freedom indeed
  • Masters in their own homes
  • Land is no one's privaty property
  • The legitimate objective of the individuals' economic activity is solely the fulfilment of their material needs
  • Inequality of wealth between individuals is unacceptable
  • The fulfilment of needs leads to the emnacipation of humanity
  • The aim of a socialist society is the happiness of man
  • A house should be serviced by its occupants
  • Every nation should have a religion
  • The family is first and foremost the basis os the life of individuals
  • Placing a child in a day nursery is coercion and a violation of the child's free and natural disposition
  • A woman must perform her natural role appropriately
  • Therefore a world revolution is needed to do away all the materialistic conditions that hinder a woman from performing their natural role in life
  • A woman has full rights and need not to be coerced to turn into a man and forsake her feminity
  • There is no difference in human rights between a man and a woman; rather it is their roles and duties which differ
  • Black people will prevail in the world
  • To force a human being to learn a particular curriculum is dictatorial
  • Ignorance will come to an end when everything is presented as it really is
  • Sport should be for the masses

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